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“Adult Learning as Tool for Inclusion

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in the Modern Society Project (ALTIMO)” The proposed Learning Partnership is motivated by experiences of the partners and results from different European projects and contexts. During these projects the partners recognized the importance of adult education for the inclusion of people in modern societies and the important role adult education can play in preventing exclusion. The fundamental questions of the present project are: How can adult education support individuals to keep their status inside society or to reach a new and better status in society? How can adult education be organized, that individuals can identify themselves with the challenges of the common society in the framework of individual skills, common values, culture and social life? Based on our hypothesis that identity in progress is the key to inclusion or exclusion in European societies the project aims at giving uprooted people the means and skills to get included into society. Trough personal development to become an active member of society with a future perspective. The project will develop an exchange about “best practice” in the participating countries, how to make changes in adult educational settings in order to help people to find their own chance for inclusion. To help people to recognise that society and personal challenges change, that they have different identities in their life and how to cope with the changes. To activate uprooted people to think about identity and what is their understanding of identity. The project will develop its activities starting from the national descriptions of identity drawn up in the previous project ” Identities in European societies” and will further develop the perception of common identities in order to develop structures and recommendations to support the target groups for inclusion.

Objectives To help people to recognize that society and personal challenges change, to realize that they have different identities in their life. To help them to understand that there are changes and how to cope with the changes. To activate uprooted people to think about identity and what is there understanding of identity. In order to reach the goal of the project, we will go through the following stages: – Present and discuss the national descriptions of identity drawn up in the previous project ” Identities in European societies”. – Develop further the perception of common identities in the participating countries; – Get to know the different approaches and methods applied in the participating countries fostering the inclusion of uprooted groups. – Form working groups and develop and conduct activities with the respective target groups in the participating countries. – Exchange experiences among the partners and other stakeholders engaged in the Partnership (other learners, migrants’ communities, drop outs, older people…) – Draw up recommendations for inclusion of the target groups.

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